Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing 10: Ning

So I have explored Ning. As I see it, Ning is interest oriented where Facebook is person oriented. I have joined the Savvylibrarians(which has led me to the merrylibrarian) and Book Marketing Network. In my experience, if you join a network, you leave the main page of Ning and to get back to Ning there was no shortcut, which was very annoying but maybe I will figure out an easy way to navigate back to Ning. One network I tried to join appeared to be for artists or fans of artists but to join you had list an online store, which I don't have; just a fan.

One of the off-the-wall networks is Carny town for fair workers. I bet Carnies have some of the best stories. Also, checking out all the different networks that come up when an interest is entered is time consuming. I wish there was a way to limit the results easily by level of interest or geography. And as with Facebook, many, many, many networks have been abandoned - I would think it is logical that if there have been no new members or any type of activities for six months or longer the network goes to inactive and doesn't show up .

I did get a Ning account but it is minimal. Not ready for my own network or page.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thing 9 More Facebook

Since last we spoke, I have had a brief tutorial from a friend on facebook. So I have learned that you can remove posts that you might regret. Also I think you can hide posts by a 'friend' if you don't want see their post but also don't want to send a rejection notice to them. I still think that this can be a dangerous outlet for public venting. I wonder if some people don't give too little thought to postings.

However, on to groups. It does seem a faster way for a group with common interests to share, ask questions, and get answers. I joined a tennis group, curling group, and the TexasLA. One of the characteristics of most groups as a searched for a couple to join is that most are not active. A lot of groups hadn't had a post in months, especially the smaller ones(50 or less members). So maybe in those cases plain 'ol email might work best. There was another reading group that I had to request membership in so time will tell if I get accepted. All in all I spent at least an hour looking at groups trying to make sure I wasn't joining a dead end. With so many options, a lot of time spent 'surfing' groups. Life was simpler with fewer choices.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thing 8 - Facebook

Well, I had created a facebook account a couple of 'things' ago, as a friend had created one and sent me an invite. I am very very leary of the public view of private info. I am by nature a private person so giving out info that can be seen on a world wide view is just not me. I also lack confidence in the security of facebook. In theory, only people I invite can see my info, but, with so many stories of banks, corporations, and government sites being cracked why not Facebook. Not that most of the info is all that hard to get other ways, however, having been a victim of identity theft, I view things a lot more suspiciously.

On the upside I have already connected with a good friend from high school. Another friend posts frequently and her son has told her she is known as a 'lurker' so I guess there will be a whole new vocab to learn.

I haven't told my sons yet about my facebook page and haven't posted a pic yet(gotta find a good one!) . Not sure what my sons reaction will be but mostly likely a little bit of everything, positive and negative. I wonder if they will let me be their friend?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing 7

It is nice to know I don't really have to understand how RSS works in order to use it. As technology has advanced I have found this to be the case more and more. While in certain programs I have to understand the "logic" or structure of the program as to understand how it works but for the most part that is the exception and I just get to enjoy the program. However it is also great to have some this technology explained prior to signing up or joining so I understand the consequences of the options. And I am finding myself being the 'leader of the pack' for some friends which as little as I know, is pretty funny.

Thing 6 - Google Reader

I'm Back!!

Well, I do believe that the Google Reader is going to be a time saver though I will have to remind myself of this tool and make sure I subscribe carefully. This blog reading can take alot of time, especially if you read the links or attachments. And then there are the books and magazines on my tables and lists to read! The Shifted Librarian has already introduced me to
Scott Nicholson and his course on gaming in libraries, which is a subject I have been on the fence about(and still am) but perhaps his course will help me take a position. I think Google Reader will be especially helpful for those blogs where posts are not made daily, but more sporadically.
Kinda like me.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thing 5 Image Generators

The image on the left was my second upload. The image on the right is the first reduced some in size so the first thing I learned is not to upload full size. I can see where this would be really great to use for celebrating aspecial occasion and to try out ideas. If you subscribe to Image Chef Pro than images could be used on flyers, stationary, etc. which would allow marketing images to be created by the season, holiday, deadlines, etc. Since I can't draw a straight line this is a great starting point for putting together something personally. By the way the phrase in the star is "I Love Being a Texan!

Thing 4: More Flickr

Continuing with Fickr, I tried the Big Huge Labs and made a bead picture of a hummingbird gather nectar in my backyard a couple of years ago. I don't have a pro camera so the film speed wasn't keeping up with the hummingbird's wings but it is still one of my favorite pics.

BIg Huge Labs looks fun. I have a friend who loves doing jigsaw puzzles so that option caught my eye right away. Time to go check out some of the other mashups.